Brian and I LOVE our video, Thank yall so much!! It gave me goosebumps and a huge smile across my face the entire time! I am so so so happy we got the opportunity to have yall film our wedding! Can’t thank yall enough! :)

-Lacey & Brian

The video is amazing and beautiful!  It was beyond what we could have imagined.  You really captured the spirit of the day. We will definitely be seeking your excellent filming skills in the future for sure.  Also, we LOVED the music too.  It is absolutely perfect :) Thank you!
-Sam & Melissa
WOWWW!!  We love it!  Thank you so much!
-Jason & Stacy
 WOW the video is absolutely amazing!!  It depicts the whole day perfectly :)  What a great way to wake up this morning!  I looooooove the video!! Thank ya’ll so much!  You are both super talented and I’m so thankful to Katherine that she suggested for me to use you!
-Natalie & Chris

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