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Stanford Baby #5!

I am so excited to post these! Celeste is a dear friend of mine from middle school and I’m so glad she trusted us to “try something different”. These water shots are just beautiful to me.

Also, sweet baby #5 is here and her name is Sarah Caroline! Congratulations Celeste & Jason!!

– Genie

15 years of love!

Yesterday was our 15 year anniversary of being together so I decided to post a slideshow of us through the years. Enjoy the silly-ness :)

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Coffee, coffee and more coffee

I always knew I was a huge coffee lover. I guess I never realized my obsession with taking pictures of coffee. Recently, I was going through my iphone pictures and almost every other photo was of coffee. So, I decided to put together a slide show of all the photos for your enjoyment (or maybe it’s for my enjoyment)!

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Pretty scenery for Friday

I thought I would post something pretty for Friday. This was taken at my in laws farm.

Theresa & Brian are getting married!

My best friend (since kindergarten) is getting married! We spent the day with them enjoying some of their favorite things. First, walking their little pupper, Barkley (he’s extremely photogenic!), pizza at Salvation Pizza (Brian’s absolute favorite), ice cream at Amy’s Ice Cream (Theresa’s fave), and sunset at Mt. Bonnell (it’s very romantic!). It was a day of fun and I can’t wait till the wedding in September!

– Genie

Aloha Kauai!

I could live in Hawaii, the wife would move there tomorrow if I said “yes” – it’s such a majestic place.

This was the view from our lanai (patio) of the full moon.

More to come…

South Africa – Part 3 – Pretoria Zoo

I loved this day. We took the House of Hope kids to the zoo….all of them. This was their first time EVER seeing these animals, which was crazy to me…BUT then we bought them ice cream and for most of them IT WAS THEIR FIRST ICE CREAM!! Can you imagine being 15 years old and eating your first ice cream cone? I’m so glad I was there to witness and be part of these “firsts”. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day…