Hanna & Andy Engagements

Hanna & Andy hired us for the whole shebang. We did their engagements, bridals and even filmed their wedding. They are such a cute, loving couple and I am very glad they chose us. These engagements were taken in January at Hanna’s parents’ house in New Braunfels, TX and a few in Gruene, TX.  Her parents’ house is pretty amazing, it’s a farm on the river, so it had horses, a pet deer AND the river. These are some of my favorites!


Bridals and wedding video coming soon…

One response to “Hanna & Andy Engagements

  1. Andy & I had a blast taking these pictures! Weiss and Genie were awesome to work with! It seemed like they knew exactly what we wanted and stayed until we were completely happy with our shots! I was so happy with all of our pictures and look forward to having them capture our “family memories.”

    It didn’t take long to realize that photography is their passion and they have a natural eye for great shots and bringing out their clients personalities in every shot!

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